Smoked Cod Soup

Two days ago, my husband came home with a big smile and a $7 smoker from Goodwill. We just moved into an apartment with a balcony (which we are thrilled about! small victories) so we’ve had our eye on outdoor cooking. Then yesterday, he bought some fillets of cod (he almost never buys fish). I … Continue reading Smoked Cod Soup

yogurt and tomato

+ = good I don’t really keep cream around for cooking. I do, however, keep plain yogurt around, which I eat with honey, jam, fruit, cereal, etc. I’ve also found that yogurt is a great light substitute for cream when cooking. It’s slightly more sour, of course, but sometimes that can work really well. For … Continue reading yogurt and tomato

Lentil Soup

This has been one of my staple foods this year. The base is always a bag of dried lentils, a big pot of water, and whatever vegetables I have in the refrigerator (it just occurred to me that “refrigerator” is such a bizarre word! it’s so… functional. i can just imagine a group of engineers … Continue reading Lentil Soup