Chipotle at home

Yesterday, we smoked some jalapenos just for fun. Today we have these beautiful dried jalapenos that I believe are essentially home-made chipotles. I am no expert, and I think that ripe red jalapenos give more legit chipotle, but regardless – this stuff is gooood. I took out our trusty mortar and pestle and ground up … Continue reading Chipotle at home

Smokes away!

So the smoker we bought earlier this week has had a lot of love. Cod, cheese (cheddar and jarlsberg), and just yesterday: chicken, jalapenos, salmon. Our balcony was fuming hickory chips and eye-watering jalapeno smoke all day. Our new neighbors love us. Whole Chicken We started today with a whole chicken and put it in … Continue reading Smokes away!

Smoked Cod Soup

Two days ago, my husband came home with a big smile and a $7 smoker from Goodwill. We just moved into an apartment with a balcony (which we are thrilled about! small victories) so we’ve had our eye on outdoor cooking. Then yesterday, he bought some fillets of cod (he almost never buys fish). I … Continue reading Smoked Cod Soup