Garden Update

Here are the goods: Green beans (French “Rolande” Renee’s Garden variety) Assorted carrots (from Uprising Seeds – Scarlet Nantes, Dragon, and Yellowstone). So far, the carrots have not been terribly successful, probably due to newbie gardener mistakes. In preparing the bed, I mixed in leaves for the soil composition, but this created a lot of … Continue reading Garden Update

new delivery

In this week’s box: 2 blood oranges 3 bartlett pears 3 granny smith apples 4 bananas 3 lemons 1 avocado 1 spinach 1 red leaf lettuce 1 lb PEI russet potato 1 tomato 2 artichokes 1 green onion That’s a good set! I chose not to substitute anything this week. My observations are: the spinach … Continue reading new delivery