It’s the most wonderful time of the year… (Garden planning!)

7 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year… (Garden planning!)”

  1. happy new year! thank you for sharing your gardening plans, it’s so very interesting to me!! i was trying to save my plant by layering (its own) dead leaves, hoping to give the soil more nutrients, only to find (according to my sis) that the roots weren’t drying and therefore rotting and killing the plant faster. i’m still not 100% sure haha. in any case, it’s not dead yet, so i’m hoping it gets better in time for spring! good health and much wealth this horsie year. lots of love xoxo.

    1. happy new year dav! I am so bad with house plants… I think plants in containers are so much trickier than plants in the earth. I have just started on two ferns… they are doing… uh, ok la. haha.

      I think the dead leaves could add to the composition of the soil (which improves drainage and water) or as mulch to help prevent water evaporation. For nutrients, you could try pouring leftover coffee on the plant, or getting an organic fertilizer and introducing it gently to plant food. Hope it comes back too!!! Miss you, much love!

      1. oo~ thanks! i’ll the coffee trick as my flattie drinks a minimum of one starbucks a day. (i’ll make sure it’s regular black coffee and not anything else before i pour it into the soil!) looking forward to watching your garden grow here!! :)

  2. I LOVE your garden plans!!! I had a community garden one summer too. I loved it! But didn’t have nearly as much success as you did! I hope I can try my hand at gardening again soon. Thanks so much for linking my food blog. Glad you liked the turnip cake!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m not sure if we really have been that successful, but it’s a fun trial and error.
      Yes, I do indeed love that turnip cake recipe. I found it by accident two years ago, and then this year I searched through a dozen sites. Wasn’t sure if I would recognize it, but when I saw “cooking with Alison” I thought, “Well, of course it was that one!”
      – Alison S.

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