spinach and cilantro dal

7 thoughts on “spinach and cilantro dal”

  1. this is perfect!! i just bought a bag of organic lentils and was planning to ask vijay how to make his daal. i don’t think i’ll have time til easter, but you’ve definately fueled my dream to make daal one day!!

  2. just a tip – i think fresh chillis and using the recommended spices (turmeric and mustard) would have improved it! i think one difficult thing about making indian food is that you have to have all the variety of spices lying around. but on the flipside, if you like indian food, it’s worth it.

  3. It would be helpful to have this in regular recipe format so that ChefTap can import it so that I won’t lose track of it before making it. It sounds delicious.

  4. thanks for the feedback, jane! i wrote this a few years ago, and i am hoping to revive this blog soon and update some of the older recipes with a more standard recipe at the bottom. it’s in the works!
    till then, hope you enjoy the recipe

  5. I made it with the spices the original recipe called for and it was delish! I love indian food! I even added a tsp of ground cardamon.

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